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About us

Knowledge and Experience

"Waatic is born from the agricultural division of "ESTEL, S.L.". After years of experience in designing and manufacturing components for agriculture, we took a step further by developing innovative technology specifically designed to meet the needs of vertical crops, which previously lacked such solutions.

Now, as "The Waatic Company, S.L.", a spin-off of ESTEL with international presence, we have opted for an easy-to-use, highly effective technology concept with minimal environmental impact.

Our goal is to provide solutions that simplify the lives of farmers, maximizing efficiency in their operations and helping them achieve optimal performance in their crops. We continue to work closely with our customers and appreciate their trust.

On our new website, you will find detailed information about our products and services. We invite you to explore how our precision agriculture technology can maximize efficiency, improve yields, and reduce environmental impact on your crops.

Join us on this motivating journey towards a more efficient and sustainable agricultural future!

Intelligent control system for precision agriculture.
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