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The nature of our technology and control tools allows Taatic to be adapted to almost any agricultural machinery.

The control system in SUBSOILER/ROOT PRUNING allows for the activation of the hydraulic mechanisms of the subsoiler or corresponding implement, thus enabling the control and automation of subsoiling/root pruning zones and the depth of blade penetration.

What is?

waatic Subsoiler is a wireless control and automation system for the subsoiler. It allows controlling and automating the movements made by the arm/blade of the subsoiler. Additionally, waatic continuously measures and maps soil resistance/compaction, generating data maps about sectors, compaction/resistance gradients, and more.

waatic Subsoiler allows automatic control of penetration depth by integrating with prescription maps or soil compaction maps.

How does it work?

Mapping of mechanical impedance/compaction resistance maps.

Through hydraulic pressure sensors, we can continuously record the soil resistance/compaction. This will allow us to detect compacted areas and estimate different physical parameters of the soil (textural groups, compaction, bulk density, etc.)

Automatic depth control

By operating the hydraulic mechanisms of the subsoiler and based on resistance/compaction maps of the different soil layers, we can automatically control the depth of penetration of the blade into the soil.

Intelligent control system for precision agriculture.
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