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  • Automatic adjustment of panel width based on the plantation
  • Recovery of excess spray solution (Drift)
  • Minimize drift
  • Wireless control of the movements of the bar sections
What is?

waatic Subsoiler is a wireless control and automation system for the subsoiler. It allows the control and automation of the movements made by the arm/blade of the subsoiler. waatic also continuously measures and maps the resistance/compaction of the soil, generating data maps on sectors, compaction/resistance gradients, etc.

How does it work?

The waatic system integrates into the hydraulic system of the sprayer and continuously measures the parameters of the application (pressure, flow rate, speed, location, etc.). This way it can automatically calculate and adjust the target flow rate or dose, regardless of the conditions of the terrain and the crop.

From the tractor cabin and through our tablet, the operator can easily monitor second by second all the application parameters. They can also visualize all types of information related to the application such as its trajectory, its real-time route, and possible deviations or untreated areas.

The waatic system integrates all its components through our Intranet. waatic's Intranet is a platform where the customer can dynamically and intuitively analyze all the parameters related to the tasks performed with waatic. In addition, the user has the possibility of easily uploading all the information they need from their establishment, thus being able to plan tasks and manage all the resources of the farm.

Intelligent control system for precision agriculture.
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