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What is?
Waatic Sprayer is a control and automation system for phytosanitary applications with boom sprayers, consisting of a physical component (hardware) and a data management and handling software.

The physical part of Waatic Sprayer consists of an electronic box and corresponding sensors that are installed on the sprayer machine and controlled through a tablet installed in the tractor cabin.

The data management is carried out through waatic's Intranet, where the user can monitor, control, and analyze all application parameters, yields, task schedules, etc.

waatic's intranet not only provides complete control over farm tasks, but also allows users to manage their farm resources in a centralized and efficient manner.

waatic is a technology that constantly evolves and adds new functionalities. The experiences of our customers are key in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

How does it work?

The waatic system is integrated into the hydraulic system of the sprayer and continuously measures application parameters such as pressure, flow rate, speed, location, etc. This allows it to calculate and automatically adjust the target flow rate or dosage, regardless of terrain and crop conditions.

The operator can easily monitor and view all application-related information second by second from the tractor cab through our tablet. They can also visualize information such as the application's trajectory, real-time movement, and possible deviations or untreated areas.

waatic system manages to integrate all its components through our Intranet. waatic's Intranet is a platform in which the customer has the possibility to dynamically and intuitively analyze all the parameters related to the tasks performed with waatic. In addition, the user has the possibility to easily upload all the information they need from their establishment, being able to plan tasks and manage all the resources of the farm.

Intelligent control system for precision agriculture.
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